May 23, 2018

24/05/2018: Colour grader equipment

by Satake Europe

Starting in the 1950s, Henry Simon has been actively involved in the measurement, onward development and maintenance of flour colour standards along with National laboratories in both the UK and overseas.

The introduction of the Simon range of Colour Graders to the Kent Jones scale began a series of instruments selling in their hundreds worldwide.

Following the relaunch of the Henry Simon brand, Satake continues to play a major part in the use of the tristimulus colour standard in the wheat flour industry.

Satake Europe introduced the unique multi-standard NCG colour analyser, which enables flour colour measurement for both dry and legacy wet paste in a single machine, along with their associated calibration values. Working in a long-term partnership with Konica Minolta, Satake developed and refined the NCG Colour Grader.

The NCG range has been sold worldwide for the measurement of flour colour to both wet paste colour grade and tristimulus L*a*b* standard (CieLab) for well over a decade. The success of the NCG range has been due to the simplicity of its operation, the repeatability and accuracy of its optics, and firmware that is specific to the flour industry.

Satake offers customers over 60 years of experience and knowledge of the flour and milling industry and access to a Global service network, guaranteeing the accuracy and traceability of measurements and the long-term health of the asset.

In operation analysis takes less than 30 seconds, including sample preparation. The sample is first loaded into an industry standard petri dish, which is tapped a couple of times to ensure it is presented correctly before analysis. This ensures minimum time requirement yet excellent inter-machine repeatability.

Wet paste sample preparation is also possible, in which case the NCG5a is able to generate colour grade readings direct to the inbuilt screen.

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