May 14, 2018

Next Instruments company profile

Next Instruments has brought together a range of innovative analytical and process instruments suitable for use in the Food, Agricutlure and Nutrition markets.

Next Instruments has procured and licensed a number of instruments developed in Australia and is marketing them through its worldwide network of dealers and distributors.

These instruments have been developed by the CSIRO, various universities and local companies. These products offer innovative solutions to the analysis of food, grains, dairy products, meat products, beverages, feeds and meals.

Next Instruments now has a range of 20+ products with excellent software packages, sampling accessories and data processing tools, which have achieved a significant level of sales both domestically and internationally.

Next Instruments has established a worldwide network of dealers covering:

North and South America
USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Columbia, Chile.

France, UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Eastern Europe

China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India.

South Pacific
Australia, New Guinea, Fiji, Solomons, New Zealand.

Middle East and Southern Africa
Lebanon, Iran, Turkey, Republic of South Africa

Visit the Next Instruments website, HERE.

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