May 21, 2018

22/05/2018: Reliability maintenance – How it saves money

By Edward LaPreze, Pepper Maintenance, Minier, IL USA

Maintenance programmes, are they a costly expense or as an income opportunity?

Maintenance cost is almost always treated as an expense. Utilising reliability maintenance can turn this thinking around and our maintenance programs can begin to create opportunities to increase profits. Most current maintenance programs are typically reactive to failure and attempt to maintain equipment almost exclusively through lubrication.

Few alternatives have been utilised to assist equipment in running reliably or efficiently; therefore, reducing the cost of doing business. With a few additions and alterations of maintenance practices, systems can begin to be seen as income instead of expense. Reliability maintenance is a required component of a world class maintenance program and is changing the way maintenance is viewed.

Current methods of maintenance lose money through a number of system errors. Wasted energy and losses in efficiency increase the cost of production. Reactive maintenance, repairing after a failure, is very expensive and can be up to 10 times more expensive than repairs performed proactively. This is in part due to additional damage done when a part fails.

Shafts and other components can be damaged if a failure is not noticed early. Reactive failures require more personnel and often demand overtime to return the equipment to service as fast as possible. Breakdowns do not occur during slow times when equipment is idle but most often during critical busy times. The added pressure to get equipment back in service adds personnel safety concerns as well.

Unplanned downtime is one of the largest costs a facility can incur. Labour cost alone can produce staggering figures. Running two shifts, 340 days per year at US$19/£13.20 per hour with only five minutes of downtime per shift equals US$26,916/ £19,000 per year. Reducing this downtime by only 10 percent will save over US$9000/£6,300 each year.

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