November 01, 2013

1/11/13: China's grain buying spree; wheat innovation centre moves to Kansas; US Soy sustainability

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has released figures that suggest China and other large grain importers embarked on a corn and soybean buying spree during the US government's 16-day shutdown last month.

Figures show that during the shutdown, which halted weekly grain export sales information, grain purchases far outstripped analysts’ expectations, despite weeks of market chatter about unusually large purchases.
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Kansas State University (KSU) Manhattan, USA has had a bit of a switch around recently. The Wheat Genetics Resource Center (WGRC), a component of the plant pathology department at the KSU College of Agriculture, officially relocated to the Kansas Wheat Innovation Center, a state-of-the-art wheat research complex situated on the north campus.

Following a meeting later this month, projects for the National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Centre will begin. The new research centre will be the first of its kind, combining private and public research into wheat genetics.
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The US soy industry recently launched a Sustainability Assurance Protocol which includes soy export documentation to  support  'responsibly, environmentally, socially and economically' grown soy products.

Earlier this month, Laura Foell, director of the United Soybean Board (USB) visited four European countries - The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany - to inform soybean importers, seed manufacturers and food processors about the new soybean  protocol.

As part of her visits, Ms Foell assured European soybean importers that US agriculture is farming in more responsible and sustainable ways and that since 1980, US farmers have produced higher yields with less energy consumption and less environmental impact in a more economical fashion.

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National emblem of the People's Republic of China
National emblem of the People's Republic of China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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