November 27, 2013

27/11/13: Farmer frustration over sluggish supply chain; German coalition seeks GMO labeling; US$1.6 billion agribusiness expansion in Thailand

Despite less than impressive weather this season, farmers from the Prairies region of Western Canada have come to the end of a bumper harvest. 

They now face a new challenge; getting their harvest crop shipped to market.

Many farmers across the region are still waiting to get their grain to elevators. Gerrid Gust, a farmer from Davidson, Canada is frustrated that contracts and promises are not being kept, according to Canadian news network CTV News.

“Farmers have been saying loud and clear, ‘Put more cars in the supply chain’,” said Jim Feeny, a Canadian National Railway Company (CN) spokesperson. “But based on our experience, we don’t think that would work. The result would be, you would just jam the system up and slow down overall movement."
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According to Reuters, a German coalition government, if established, will seek tougher regulations in the European Union with regards to the labeling of meat from farm animals that have eaten genetically-modified (GMO) feed.

Angela Merkel's conservatives and the Social Democrats (SPD) are currently negotiating policies in coalition talks this week.

If introduced, the labels could potentially have a significant impact on livestock production, in light of European consumers' reluctance to eat GMO-fed meat. 
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With the aim of expanding the capacity of its feed, farm and food businesses, Thailand's largest agribusiness firm Charoen Pokphand Foods Pcl has announced plans to invest 50 billion baht (US$1.6 billion) during 2014-2016.

The firm is aiming for revenue growth of 15% in 2014, up from its 380-390 billion baht in 2013, Adirek Sripratak,  chief executive, Charoen Pokphand told local reporters on Monday. 
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Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany
Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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