November 14, 2013

14/11/13: Event: Campden BRI hosts safety and quality of livestock feed seminar

As the world's population continues to grow, the global livestock industry is being challenged by an ever-increasing consumer demand for animal-sourced food. Feed is composed of different materials in different proportions, and includes agricultural materials, by-products of food and drink manufacture, and additives. It is formulated to suit the age and type of livestock, and production constraints will vary for different livestock sectors. 

With pressures on animal feed supply set to increase, the sourcing of feed of appropriate safety and quality will be ever more prominent.

It is important therefore, to understand the issues in relation to the production of feeds and their use in livestock production.


In light of this, food research company Campden BRI is holding a seminar that will cover aspects such as nutrition, product quality, human health and aquaculture and how services on offer to the industry can help address some of these problems.

Who should attend?
 - feed producers
 - food businesses who produce feed raw materials (as co-products) and 
 - the farming sector who use and prepare their own feed.

The seminar takes place on the  6th March 2014 at Campden BRI, Gloucestershire, UK

For more information visit Campden BRI's website here or contact:
Daphne Llewellyn-Davies 
Tel: +44 (0)1386 842040 

Campden BRI is hosting a safety and quality of livestock feed seminar in March 2014

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