November 06, 2013

6/11/13: Pest and disease control at heart of Adjuvants Market

The 'Adjuvants Market' which encompasses part of the agrochemical market and includes areas such as drift control agents, ammonium fertilisers and water conditioners, is one of the fastest growing sectors in agriculture.

Over the next five years it is expected to raise almost 30 percent from US$2173 million to almost US$3000 million worldwide, reflecting an ongoing rapid growth the sector has seen in recent years. 

Adjuvants are revitalising the agrochemical sector and are proving useful ways for farmers to improve their chemical applications, facilitate dosages and achieve more cost-effective and better targeted pest control.

The agriculture adjuvants market is mostly focused on North America and Europe where high tech agriculture practices are dominant.

English: Crop Spraying Spraying the Barley cro...
Crop Spraying against pests and /or diseases. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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