November 14, 2013

14/11/13: Cargill's new feed additive; job cuts at the Kellogg company; Egypt's grain storage expansion

American animal nutrition corporation Cargill, has announced it is to introduce PROMOTE™, an new global brand of feed additives.

Feed additives play a prominent role in animal nutrition as livestock producers strive to enhance performance, keep up with consumer demand and  improve feed conversion.

As a trusted advisor and source of innovation, PROMOTE™ is a significant step forward in Cargill’s commitment to serve its customer. 

Provimi business, part of the Cargill corporation, will introduce  PROMOTE™ to the international market in the coming months.
Full news release here.

Despite a plan to cut jobs at its London based cereal manufacturing plant, food manufacturing giant Kellogg's has announced there will be no change to its Canadian grain buying chain. 

The plant is currently made up of 500 unionized workers though, according to sources, the company plans to suspend 110 full time workers effective on the 1 January 2014.

Speaking about the job cuts, Kris Charles, Kellogg spokesperson said the London plant "plans to operate a more consistent production schedule. We don't expect any changes to our ingredient purchases." 

Egypt, the world's biggest importer of wheat, is expanding its grain storage capacity. The country usually consumes around 18 million tonnes of wheat overall and buys about 10 million a year from international markets.

According to a state news agency, Mohamed Abu Shadi, supplies minister suggested that the expansion would allow for and extra 1.5 million tonnes of storage capacity, a move which could reduce the need for imports.

In a meeting with members of the Egyptian bakers' syndicate, Abu Shadi said a national programme to expand storage capacity had already built 24 new silos. Construction of a further 26 has now begun. 
Read the full report here.

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