November 08, 2013

8/11/13: AMTS to distribute BESTMIX® line of products in Americas

News courtesy of software specialist Adifo

Adifo have announced that Agricultural Modeling and Training Systems (AMTS), a development of Cornell University's Ruminant Nutrition Modeling Group, New York, USA will distribute its BESTMIX® line of products in North, Central and South America. These products include BESTMIX® least-cost feed formulation software, BESTMIX® lab information management software and BESTMIX® cloud-based Formulation as a Service tool.

AMTS LLC is committed to bringing the global feed industry and independent nutritionist the best tools in a form that is powerful and easy to use. AMTS combines years of research at Cornell University's Department of Animal Science with the market need for viable tools, training and support in order to meet the nutritional and management requirements of the farming community.

Tom Tylutki, president and CEO at AMTS says: "It is our mission to provide and promote integrated solutions that enhance the economic and environmental sustainability of animal agriculture and allied industries. We have known the BESTMIX® products for quite some time now and we are convinced that these tools bring great value to feed producing companies.”

The owners, Tom Tylutki, president and CEO, Caroline Rasmussen, vice president of marketing and CFO, Vajesh Durbal, vice-president for development, and Lynn Gilbert bring unique experience and skill sets to the company.

AMTS and Adifo will join forces to integrate the Cornell model into the cloud based Formulation as a Service (FaaS) ration balancing tool. This tool will enable nutritionists, consultants and all industry partners to communicate and share data in real time via the cloud, always providing up to date information to their customers and partners.

Peter Tsjoen, sales director at Adifo says: “In line with our strategy to market BESTMIX® throughout the world, we believe that AMTS LLC will be a valuable partner in distributing and servicing our products in the Americas. “This is a major step in the way we approach the Formulation market. AMTS has not only become a distributor, but also a Value Added Reseller and Data Service Provider. Adifo has opened its formulation platform up to AMTS, allowing them to customize and build value added data services directly into the Formulation As A Service product line. This is the first step in Adifo’s strategy towards building an Ecosystem of Partners”.

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