June 01, 2015

01/06/2015: Don't miss Professor M Hikmet Boyacioglu's talk on 'Preventing bread waste - A national success story from Turkey'

Image: Mark Fowler
“Come on, handsome, just one drink.” That’s what the beautiful stranger told Oggy. 

Next thing he knew, he was in this little predicament, and his ticket to the Global Milling with GRAPAS Conference was gone. 

Clearly, that’s how much some folks want to hear Professor M Hikmet Boyacioglu, Chairman of the Department of Food Engineering at Okan University, Istanbul, speak on ‘Preventing bread waste - A national success story from Turkey’. 

We’ll let the good Professor tell you himself: 
“One-third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally, which amounts to about 1.3 billion tons per year.  Food is lost or wasted throughout the supply chain, from initial agricultural production down to final household consumption. Food losses represent a waste of resources used in production such as land, water, energy and inputs and increasing greenhouse gas emissions (FAO, 2011).  

“According to Euromonitor International, 141 million tonnes of baked goods are sold each year globally and bread represent by far the most significant proportion of this, at over 85 percent, with retail volume sales of 120 million tonnes in 2013 - which results in inevitable waste. Since there is no clear definition of food waste, it is difficult to estimate global bread waste although it is clear there is a need to minimise bread waste at all points along the chain. 

“The objective of this presentation is to review the available information on the definition, consequences and prevention of bread waste. It will also cover the Turkish Grain Board’s new campaign titled “Ekmegini Israf Etme” (Don’t Waste your Bread) aimed at reducing the amount of bread waste in Turkey through educational activities with regard to consumption of bread.” 

So, save the money you would have spent on that round or two of drinks, and get your ticket to the Global Milling with GRAPAS Conference at Victam International on Thursday June 11 in Köln, Germany, HERE

And then make sure you hold onto it……


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