February 25, 2016

25/02/2016: Feed enzymes and efficiency

First published in Milling and Grain, January 2016

Today the food production industry faces an ever-increasing challenge to feed more, both people and animals, with tightening antibiotic regulations and less land, labour, time and costs. This demand has placed a concentrated importance on livestock feed utilisation as a vital role to achieve future, sustainable global food security.

“Animal production involves tight margins with costly inputs, with feed being the most expensive,” says Simon Hall, director of operations and development for Elanco Animal Health.

“Improving feed efficiency strengthens production, performance and profitability throughout the supply chain.”

Feed enzymes and feed efficiency
The need for better animal feed utilisation has created enzyme adoption and integration throughout the industry. The feed enzymes global market is valued at $899.19 million in 2014, and this figure is projected to reach $1,371.03 million by 2020.

Feed mills are the nexus for integrating enzymes. Creating more responsibility for mill operators, potential for complication and the need for new equipment, technology and support. Some enzymes manufacturers have taken the opportunity to lead this transition with feed mill partners.

To support Hemicell®, the energy-sparing feed enzyme, Elanco Animal Health developed a specific mill integration program. The Hemicell Application System (HAS), includes both onsite and remote expert technical support during installation as well as ongoing, facility-specific needs.

“Enzyme efficacy is only as good as its applied at the mill,” says Marco Martinez, Ph.D., global poultry nutrition adviser for Elanco.

“It’s imperative to both Elanco and our feed mill partners that application equipment and ratios are precise and correct, there is a shared interest to help the producer get the best return on their feed investment.”

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