January 05, 2017

06/01/2017: Italy and Ethiopia 2016 - First Captains of the Year awards

Following the live video-conference between Cremona in Italy and Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia, and armed with the intention of promoting Ethiopia and its captains of industry, Ocrim set out to recognise the commitment of Italians and others who have not only made themselves highly regarded for their entrepreneurship in food processing, but also for their creativity and taste.

Presented at the Hilton Hotel Conference Centre in Addis Ababa, ‘The Captains of the Year’ awards were given in recognition of a plethora of qualities indicative of excellent business acumen.

This initiative was created to strengthen mutual esteem and cooperation between these two countries as an initiative regarding the staples of Italian food.

Award winners: Camilo Calamai, Aetano Cristiano, Kassa Dawit Oma, Paolo de Francisci, Adalberto Frezza,
Taha Hussen Mohammed, Tafa Jobie Bedanie, Elias Ketema Sima, Linda Marchetti, Abeba Tesfaye Meteku
and Mohammed Umer Bati. At centre is Minister of Industry in Ethiopia Mr Mebrahtu Meles

The men and women who took to the stand included top managers of organisations who persevere and strive daily to steer their company on the correct course and subsequently sustain the careers and livelihoods of many others. 

Featuring both Italian and Ethiopian leaders and businessmen and women, who were not only selected from those who have recently focussed on Ethiopia, but who have lived in and loved the country in the past decades. 

Inspired by a heady mixture of professionalism and commitment, the speakers shared their experiences with the assembled audience; with each anecdote characterised by a certain something that makes them both unique and unequalled in their profession. 

The ‘Captains of the year – Italy-Ethiopia 2016’ awards serve to provide a proud example of the levels of recognition that has come to embody the qualities displayed throughout high-level entrepreneurship in Italy for the past 21 years. 

Based on journalist and editor Fabio Raffaelli’s idea, the award in Ethiopia aims to strengthen the great understanding between two countries that clearly have a great deal in common. 

Strongly supported and sustained by the Italian Ambassador in Ethiopia, his excellency Giuseppe Mistretta (who thus renews his commitment to the growth of local agriculture and the improvement of consumers’ health), the first edition of ‘Captains of the Year – Italy-Ethiopia 2016’ focused also and foremost on the role of Italy and its companies in the wheat supply chain in Africa.

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