January 26, 2017

26/01/2017: Lambton celebrating over 50 years of exceptional service

Family owned since 1965, Lambton is Canada’s leading manufacturer of grain storage, handling and conditioning systems

Their 200 thousand sq. ft. headquarters in Wallaceburg, Ontario, in the US is home to their own vast array of engineering, production and support resources that serve international farms, grain marketers, food processing and feed manufacturing industries.

Lambton is rooted in the rich southern Ontario farmland of the Great Lakes region. Today, with international manufacturing facilities and a global network of field representatives, they continue to value their close personal connections with customers and associates around the world.

Lambton made its first mark on the global grain-handling industry as a top manufacturer of dependable, long-serving elevator and conveyor equipment.

Flexibility in realisation, actuation and design
Lambton bucket elevators are CAD-designed and CNC produced to ensure end-to-end consistency and precision every time.

They have the capacity to be able to offer a full range of options and accessories to fully customise your equipment to suit your individual application. Lambton’s experienced design team will work with you and your local Lambton representative to develop the ideal solution for your new or existing grain-handling facility.

Lambton are also able to offer extras such as optional platforms, ladders and safety cages, discharge transitions and boot inlet hoppers; as well as a very comprehensive range of electrical monitoring equipment.

Lambton Equipment for Farm and Commercial Grain-Handling Systems
Since Lambton was founded 50 years ago, they have been setting the global standard for custom-engineered, quality-built grain-handling elevators, conveyors and related equipment.

Lambton designs and builds a complete range of equipment for moving grain efficiently and reliably in any new or existing system on the farm or for commercial processing facilities.

Their design team is ready to work with you and your local Lambton representative to develop a complete new grain-handling solution or to integrate new equipment into your current system; with their extensive use of computer-aided engineering and manufacturing systems ensure consistent and precise quality in every component.

Lambton Grain Cannons
The grain cannon is a versatile chain conveyor that utilises a galvanised tube housing to gently convey material horizontally or at angles of up to 60 degrees. This equipment is often used in applications that would have traditionally required an auger or drag conveyor.

A grain cannon requires less horsepower than an auger and it causes less damage to the grain it conveys. Grain cannons can also cover spans up to 30 feet, eliminating the need for catwalks that are required with traditional chain conveyors.

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