January 12, 2017

13/01/2017: Festive opening assembly hall

KSE Process Technology B.V. festively opened its brand-new assembly hall together with staff and retirees on Monday January 9th

Together with its staff and retirees, the KSE management toasted on the opening of its newest assembly hall. With due pride, director Adriaan Smulders explained how this new work environment is a huge stimulation for the cooperation between the different departments.

“The special thing is that the crew in the assembly hall is also part of a team, from consultant/salesman up to supervisor/service mechanic”, said Mr Smulders.

Several employees got the floor to explain what the new hall means for them, but of course also for the customer. An even higher quality, shorter delivery times, energy neutral producing and an increased production capacity are the key points that emerged from their stories.

In addition to the current production facilities, they already started producing in the new assembly hall at the end of 2016. This resulted in a production record, meaning the increased production capacity is already a fact.

On May 20th 2017, KSE will open its doors to the public. Everyone is welcome to admire the brand-new assembly hall. The open house will take place during the national Dutch Technology Week and the corresponding KempenTech in Hapert. 

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