January 25, 2017

25/01/2017: Leaders gather to learn management techniques

Grain elevator managers training led by industry experts at the IGP Institute

Efficient management in any operation is a key factor for not only production for the company, but also for precautions taken in the workplace.

The IGP Institute at Kansas State University held a training for grain elevator managers interested in proper grain storage techniques.

The IGP-KSU Grain Elevator Managers course offering was held January 9–13, 2017 at the IGP Institute Conference Centre in Manhattan.

IGP-KSU Grain Elevator Managers course participants
tour and discussmilling techniques the Hal Ross Mill at
Kansas State University
This course benefits grain elevator managers who are interested in learning the logic behind the management practices.

The IGP-KSU Grain Elevator Managers course also provided new managers information that is needed to correctly interpret the experiences that they will have in managing grain quality, and the insight acquired when they evaluate the practices used by prior supervisors.

“This course really makes you think about certain things that you never really thought about before, such as aeration and how much it really costs us to cool down grain,” says Braden Cox, Location Supervisor of the Beachner Grain facility in Wichita, Kansas.

“It really opened my eyes to think about things such as aerating too much and costing the company money, and other tasks that I am aware of now that will improve our product line overall.”

With managers learning these methods, the efficiency of the operation systems can improve overall for the grain industry.

“The greatest benefit is an appreciation of the importance of system and documentation in grain management. I hope they learn this from the formal presentations and from interaction with grain managers from other companies with other cultures,” says Carl Reed, IGP Institute grain storage specialist and course coordinator.

“The main purpose of this course is to provide grain management information that may not be available elsewhere to help the grain managers be able to properly understand how to avoid errors and develop a more efficient operation.”

The different topics discussed in this course were personnel management, grain quality assessment, grain handling equipment, grain drying, grain operations costs, grain inventory management, grain receiving and shipping, grain condition monitoring, grain aeration principles and strategies, and grain fumigation.

The IGP Institute offers several other training courses in addition to feed manufacturing and grain quality management.

The institute also holds trainings in flour milling and grain processing, and grain marketing and risk management.

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