January 11, 2017

12/01/2017: The flour sack of the year comes from Indonesia

Mühlenchemie presents Flour Sack Award 2015 to Indonesian flour mill Sriboga, bamboo image symbolises the benefits of flour Ahrensburg, 11 January 2017

Currently, the most beautiful flour sack comes from Indonesia and shows an image of bamboo. In December 2016 Norman Loop, Regional Business Manager at Stern Ingredients Asia-Pacific, presented the “Flour Sack Award 2015” to Indonesian flour mill Sriboga for its “Bamboo” motif on behalf of Mühlenchemie GmbH & Co. KG in Ahrensburg near Hamburg, Germany.
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With the award, which is decided by an independent jury, Mühlenchemie honours flour sack art as representations of regional cultures, as can be seen in the “MehlWelten Museum” in Wittenburg.

Wheat and baked goods have a short history in the Asian island nation of Indonesia, where rice has traditionally been the staple food number one. Thus it is all the more remarkable that this year’s “Flour Sack Award” by Hamburg’s Mühlenchemie and the MehlWelten Museum went to the PT Sriboga Flour Mill for its “Bamboo” flour sack logo.

The motif shows the growing importance of flour in Indonesia.

“The special challenge for the miller was to find an entirely new visual language to show the benefits of flour. The images that symbolise the purity, strength and naturalness of wheat flour in the west, have different meanings in Indonesia. For example, the sun or an ear of grain triggers other associations here. So Sriboga chose bamboo as a symbol to translate the values ascribed to wheat into the language of the tropics,” explained Norman Loop, who as Regional Business Manager at Stern Ingredients Asia-Pacific looks after Mühlenchemie’s customers in Indonesia.

This year’s “flour sack of the year” will get a place of honour in Mühlenchemie’s “MehlWelten” like all of its predecessors.

The museum near Hamburg, Germany holds the world’s largest collection of flour sacks with over 3100 exhibits from over 130 countries.

Volkmar Wywiol, founder of the museum and Mühlenchemie shareholder, is glad to add the new motif to the line-up of the best sacks of the year.

“The design’s imagination and expressiveness surprised me. ‘Bamboo’ tells its own regional story. It is an image that speaks of the importance of flour and its life-giving power to people in parts of the world where wheat would not seem to be a traditional staple food,” said Mr Wywiol of the packaging design of the “White Gold” by the Indonesian mill Sriboga.

The 2016 award will be presented in April 2017 at the Global Miller’s Symposium in Hamburg. Millers throughout the world are invited to send their flour sack art to Mühlenchemie.

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