January 16, 2017

Endeco Technologies company profile

The energy landscape is fundamentally changing.

As more renewable energy sources come online, our power infrastructure needs more ‘flexibility’.

Grid Operators need new ways to balance energy demands. Demand side response is the answer.

Endeco Technologies is your partner.

solutions for grid stability
To tackle these energy challenges, National Grid and EirGrid have developed a broad suite of solutions called Demand Side Response (DSR). These strategies allow load to be generated or removed from the Grid in order to to stabilise grid frequency. This adds stability to the system and reduces the need for coal and gas fired reserves to be ready to supply power at short notice.

They re-balance the grid

1. Grid balance
When generation and demand of energy are not in balance it causes a change of Frequency in the grid system.

2. Grid operators
National Grid, Eirgrid, & SONI have statutory responsibilities to the safe operation of the electricity grid which should operate between 49.5 and 50.5 Hertz.

3. Renewables challenges
Due to the intermittent nature of wind generation coupled with peaks in demand, grid stability in real-time presents a major challenge. Most renewable generators are not interfaced with the grid through synchronous machines, therefore are unable to contribute towards inertial response.

4. The grid relies on us
When not at a balanced 50 Hertz, the Grid relies upon Endeco Technologies. By utilising customer assets we automatically control to respond and contribute to rebalancing the grid and avoiding scenarios such as electricity blackouts.

5. Unique
Endeco Technologies’ unique, open technology platform monitors grid parameters in real time and controls onsite assets as the Grid requires.

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