January 30, 2017

31/01/2017: BIOMIN boosts services, technical support to American poultry industry

BIOMIN has announced launching of new services, further expansion of its solutions and hiring of additional technical experts in order to support US-based poultry firms in achieving better outcomes, according to the feed additives company

“With this rollout, we reinforce our commitment to bringing science-based innovations to customers, supported by on-site expertise, educational training, and regular follow-up. It reflects our “3S” value proposition: Science, Service, and Speed,” explained Simon Walley, President of BIOMIN North America.
Simon Walley: www.biomin.net

Tailored improvement
The new services portfolio Biomin® GUTcheck, includes several laboratory assays as well as on-site support designed to assist customers enhance their operations.

“The key objectives of Biomin® GUTcheck is to assess flock health in order to promote growth of beneficial gut microbiota and overcome pathogenic challenges—both of which gain greater importance in the context of the veterinary feed directive (VFD),” shared Dr Raj Murugesan, Technical and Marketing Director of BIOMIN America.

Healthy gut, strong chick

BIOMIN has introduced two major application enhancements for its PoultryStar® synbiotic line, a post pelleting application and hatchery application, by launching a unique product: PoultryStar® solUS conc.

“The new PoultryStar® post pelleting application is one-of-a-kind in the American market, and we’ve fielded quite a few inquiries already,” stated Dr Murugesan. The second application, specifically for the US market, is to facilitate the administration of our synbiotic with vaccines through gel or spray systems in the hatchery.

“In addition to the proven effectiveness of PoultryStar®, our customers appreciate the ease of use and time savings the PoultryStar® hatchery application delivers when administered along with major vaccines and gels used in the market,” he explained.

Dr Raj Murugesan: www.biomin.net
Breakthrough pathogen control
Following the launch of Biotronic® Top3US for swine at the 2016 World Pork Expo, BIOMIN is bringing the same acid-based product to the poultry sector.

“The industry recognises the challenges that Gram-negative pathogens such as Salmonella and E. coli pose, at a time when antibiotic reduction is a key focus for everyone,” commented Dr Murugesan. “Our swine customers have been quite receptive to Biotronic® Top3US since it was launched last year.

For poultry, we have gathered persuasive in vitro data and are currently working with industry partners to test the concept in live production,” he added.

More technical experts
Over the past 12 months, BIOMIN America has strengthened its US poultry team by hiring two key account managers: Susan Dunham covering South, Southeast, and East coast regions, and Laura Schadwick covering the Midwest, Northeast, and Central US.

Both Sue and Laura are supported by poultry technical specialists, Dr Chasity Pender along with Dr Raj Murugesan to serve poultry producers in the North American region. In addition, BIOMIN has introduced new knowledge-sharing initiatives.

“We continue to grow aggressively and expand our teams in order to match our scientific prowess in R&D with genuine know-how in the field,” declared Mr Walley. “Ultimately, it’s about delivering real results to customers when and where they need it,” he concluded.

For more, visit the BIOMIN booth C 2853 at the International Production &Processing Expo (IPPE) 2017, in Atlanta from January 31 to February 2, 2017.

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