January 22, 2017

23/01/2017: Is the grass greener for UK farmers after Brexit? Lords to investigate

New inquiry launched into implications of Brexit on UK agriculture

The House of Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee has launched a new inquiry into the implications of Brexit on UK agriculture.

Image: Vaughan Leiberum
The first evidence session will take place on Wednesday 25 January when the Committee will take evidence from leading academics.

Membership of the EU has allowed the UK to trade freely in agricultural goods and foods with Member States and has determined the UK’s external trading relations with the rest of the world.

European Union legislation has also governed UK policy on agricultural production, animal welfare, food safety, product standards, environmental protection, funding and rural development.

This inquiry seeks to highlight the challenges the Government will face when disentangling UK farming from the EU and the opportunities that arise for agriculture and food after withdrawal.

The Committee will take evidence from key industry representatives, academic experts and Government officials in order to identify priorities for a post-Brexit relationship with the EU that will benefit UK farmers.

Key issues the Committee will explore include:

- The opportunities and challenges arising from Brexit for UK farmers.
- How the future trading relationship with the EU will affect future agricultural policy 
- The implications of Brexit on the regulatory regime underpinning agriculture and the trade in agricultural products.
- What effect WTO rules will have on policy decisions on funding for farmers and the environment
- Whether Brexit will impact the supply of affordable and good-quality food in the UK

In the first session, the Committee will explore with the witnesses critical policy decisions the Government must consider before the UK leaves the EU to protect UK farmers, as well how the future trading relationship with the EU will affect the UK’s agricultural policy, and how the provision of public goods could be promoted after Brexit.

At 11:00am the Committee will speak to:

- Professor Wyn Grant, Warwick University
- Professor Alan Swinbank, University of Reading
- Allan Wilkinson, Head of Agrifoods, HSBC Bank plc

The evidence sessions will start at 11:00am on Wednesday 25 January and will be held in Committee Room 2 of the House of Lords.

Watch the session live on the internet, HERE.

Read more HERE.

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