June 08, 2017

08/06/2017: The Raghavan Report

Raghavan Sampathkumar
 Asia's food future: A fresh perspective

 Beer, Brexit and blockchain

 When talking about diversity, Asia is really endowed with its diverse food culture and traditional practices. Similarly, it is extremely diverse in terms of agro-climatic zones that help produce a great variety of crops and some (e.g. cassava) that have great potential to be included in a wide variety of foods are not known well outside the region. 

 Lately, protein gained enormous attention and particularly vegetable sources (e.g. pulses) have become quite popular across the world. Ever since the UN announced 2016 as the International Year of Pulses, globally interest from different industry stakeholders grew exponentially, specifically on how to use pulses as sources of protein and also for other special (e.g. gluten-free) products. Recently I stumbled upon one of the most surprising innovations and it is revealed at the end of this column.

 While the next most talked about issue globally was Brexit and what happens next for the countries that trade with EU ASEAN countries, which export huge quantities of seafood to the EU. As the call to exit has been sounded, it remains to be seen whether the countries will realign their positions and trade relationships during the process which is said to be taking at least a couple of years. Largely, there has been an understanding that the trade relationships with UK will remain unaffected, if not grow.

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