June 09, 2017

The Interview - Arya Seta Wiriadipoera

Arya Seta Wiriadipoera, Managing Director, PT Napindo Media Ashatama, was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and is the second child of Mr Herman Wiridipura, the founder of PT Napindo Media Ashatama.
Arya was born on October 17, 1984 and considering his young age has a very impressive career history.
He graduated from Paramadina University, Jakarta in 2006. Three years later in 2009, he began his career working with PT Napindo Ashatama – a professional exhibition organiser company. Showing his diverse skillset he developed an automotive trade company in 2011 before returning to PT Napindo as the Vice President and soon after the Managing Director.
As well as being fully in charge of his father’s company he and his company are the proud organisers of Indo Livestock, Indonesia’s number one livestock, feed, dairy and fisheries industry event.

How long have you been organising Indo Livestock?
The first Indo Livestock was held in Bali in 2002. Subsequent to its great success, the exhibition was finally set to be held every two years until 2010.
Society showed a great interest in our exhibition, especially in the eastern part of Indonesia.
Our company, PT Napindo Media Ashatama, decided to hold the sixth Indo Livestock 2011 Expo and Forum in Surabaya. This proved to be a very good and popular choice, as hereafter this, the exhibition and forum continues to be held every year – Surabaya every odd year and Jakarta every even year.

Where do your passions lie within this industry?
My background is within strategy economy, whereas this is my fathers company and of course it relates to Livestock, but it is primarly events.
So my main passions are for the exhibitions. However, livestock is an integral part of the exhibition that we do. That is why it is important that I know all the information about the livestock and am also passionate about it, to organise the best shows.

Why did you enter the exhibition business originally?
Indonesia is an agricultural country and most of her inhabitants work in agriculture.
The country is endowed with supportive natural conditions, vast expanses of land, abundant biodiversity and tropical climates where sunlight occurs throughout the year.
Natural resources like this means that we are likely able to continue to raise Indonesia into a prosperous country, answering the food needs sufficiently of all citizens here.
By introducing the latest developments through Indo Livestock Expo and Forum, livestock sectors in the region will become one of the real sectors that have a very real role in helping the country’s foreign exchange earnings.
The Indo Livestock Expo and Forum is also expected to have a positive impact for stock farmers to apply the latest innovations and technologies in Indonesia.

How valuable is the animal feed industry to the country and to the exhibition?
It is predicted that the growth of the livestock feed industry in Indonesia ranges between 6-7percent. This can happen because of the increasing populations of breeding farms, which automatically require more animal feed. Thus, the animal feed industry is very important in order to support the needs of the breeding farms. With the development of both sectors, we can increase the livestock industry in Indonesia and certainly it provides a good chance for developing quality service exhibitions and forums in this field.

What is your view on the importance of animal protein to the country’s future success?
Animal protein is very important for all layers of society associated with the fulfilment of nutrient intake for health, especially for the young generation to be both smart and healthy. Therefore, animal protein must be increased over time in order to form a good quality nation.

How do you help the government or the people of Indonesia to become better agriculturally?
The show is the solution for the problem that we have in Indonesia. The problem is that the farmers, the doctors, the veterinarians, whoever do not have time or the location to talk to each other. So this show provides them with that opportunity, they can meet each other. Meet who is the specialist for the poultry sector or whoever, this is the meeting point. That is what the exhibition is supposed to be. We create this show to show the solution to everyone, they can visit the show they can visit the showroom and visit the showroom and see the new technology and network.
Through this they will get the solution for the problem and hopefully be able to complete the application. That is what we do for Indonesia.

What are your plans to entice people to participate and how can more involvement make a difference to what you’re trying to achieve?
We want people to participate in our show; there is a target more than just turning up. We want speakers from the ministry, the director general ones who are related to those who can make a difference with the problems we face in our industry. It will be a very interesting future for our conference, very interesting.
We will create a bond with the minister and the animal health sector and we will invite them to this forum, they are already very interested.
I think it’s important for the industry and the visitors that we have international speakers as well as local.
The visitors need new technology from the industry, so we want to invite companies and people with their new technology and machines to show off in this exhibition. This is something we need to show to all the players of the field. All of this will combine to convince them to come, because there is the market here.

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