June 14, 2017

14/06/2017: Visitors from China at Leiber, specialist in brewers’ yeast

Group of visitors from China - corn silage
Image courtesy of Leiber
 A group of herd managers from Chinese dairy operations made a visit to Leiber’s Bramsche headquarter in April. The delegation was received by Leiber’s Product Manager for Livestock, Christoph Schröder, who attended to all the needs of the delegation during their stay and was available to answer any and all questions. 

 The group of Chinese visitors got a good idea of Leiber’s production facilities and the high quality requirements, as reflected in the various standards expected from the entire company. 

 Top priority was given to enabling German and Chinese herd managers to share their experiences. In this connection, the group visited three specialised dairy farming operations in the Osnabrück and Emsland region. Practical questions concerning silage and calf rearing met with great interest. The different ways to make use of Leiber® BT brewers’ yeast with ruminants were gone into at length. 
Group photo - Chinese herd managers

 Leiber GmbH specialises in refining brewers’ yeast products. The company’s product portfolio offers a number of different product solutions: pure brewers’ yeast, brewers’ yeast bonded to substrates with additional effects and capabilities, special products with specific effects, up to brewers’ yeast extracts and autolysates. 

 Leiber GmbH has been one of the leading manufacturers of special brewers’ yeast products “made in Germany” for sixty years. The more than 200 dedicated employees at Leiber’s two German locations, as well as the additional production facilities in Poland and Russia, produce brewers’ yeast products and yeast extracts at the highest level of quality for use in the food industry, as well as in the animal feed, food supplement and biotechnology sectors.

 Visit the Leiber website here.  

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