June 25, 2017

26/06/2017: Milling training held for advanced milling industry experts

Participants in advanced milling course learn the impact of wheat quality on milling extraction and flour quality

With continued education, comes different levels of training to gain experience. An updated course was held for those invested in expanding their flour milling knowledge and advancing their processing skills. 

Participants in the IGP-KSU Advanced Milling course learn
how to evaluate flour mill streams in the Hal Ross Flour Mill.
Image credit: IGP-KSU

The IGP–KSU Advanced Milling Principles course provided an in-depth insight to various principles of flour milling, June 12–16, 2017 at Kansas State University.

The flour milling principles taught in this course included cleaning for grain quality, starch damage, conditioning and tempering, cumulative attribute curves, roller mills, sifter, purifiers, detachers, dusters, flowsheet design, and flour additives and treatments.

“This course was very successful with millers not only from the U.S., but also from Ecuador, Mexico and the Caribbean,” says Shawn Thiele, IGP Institute’s flour milling and grain processing curriculum manager.

“The 11 participants all brought a unique view to the course with different experiences which added to the learning environment and raised many interesting topics of discussion.”

The course provided an in-depth insight and detail to understanding mill design, equipment and proper optimisation of the milling process. The advanced milling course was beneficial primarily for milling engineers, operation managers, production managers, head millers and shift managers with previous milling experience.

“I really loved the hands-on part of the course when we were in the mill,” says Jason Longo, operator mechanic at General Mills in Buffalo, New York.

“One of the main things I learned is that we have been reading how to scale a product wrong, so just knowing that bit will really help us in the future at our mill to be more accurate.”

The IGP Institute offers several other training courses in addition to flour milling and grain processing. The institute holds trainings in grain marketing and risk management, and feed manufacturing and grain quality management. 

To learn more about these other training opportunities, visit the IGP Institute website, HERE.

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