June 30, 2017

30/06/2017: Bühler contributes to Mogyi Kft growth in the snack seeds and popcorn market

Mogyi technician Mr Zoltán Vida setting up SORTEX B ColorVision
 SORTEX® technology is playing an important role in the success of one of Europe’s leading nut and seed snack processors, as it continues to expand in the private label sector and with its own, widely recognised “Mogyi” brand and sub-brands - such as its recently launched Caramoon caramel coated popcorn, Gastropop savoury popcorn, and flavoured sunflower seeds. 

 Mogyi Kft. attributes its growth to its ability to adapt to customer needs and maintaining exemplaryfood safety standards, underpinned by advanced processing technology. 

 Headquartered in the Hungarian town of Csávoly, Mogyi Kft. originally launched in 1990, with just five staff and one small processing line. It now operates four production plants and eight subsidiary companies around Europe and sells into more than 25 countries. 

 A significant part of Mogyi’s achievements are a result of adhering to strict quality assurance systems and investing in the latest plant technology. Mogyi has used optical sorters for more than 20 years, originally installing the technology for its sunflower seed hulling facility. As standards have progressively become more rigorous, Mogyi has invested in more sophisticated technology to consistently meet exacting food safety and quality standards. 

 In 2013 Mogyi incorporated its first SORTEX optical sorter into its sunflower seed cleaning line. This proved so successful that, in order to provide consistent product quality, it installed another one in the same year, at its second sunflower seed cleaning plant. The following year, Mogyi added a third sorter for popcorn and since then it has added two SORTEX B ColorVision™ optical sorters to its processing lines as popcorn and decorticated pumpkin seeds production has boomed. 

 Krisztián Weidinger, procurement manager for Mogyi Kft, explains: ʺThe consumer market we serve is increasingly challenging. Our customers expect the highest quality products, which also means that food safety is a priority for us. Bühler tailored the sorters to our requirements, to deliver consistent quality of the seeds we sort, while also ensuring that contaminants, which were difficult to remove previously, disappeared from our end product.ʺ He adds that the company also chose Bühler because it needed technology that could be easily incorporated into existing processing lines. ʺBühler ran trials for us first at its London HQ, to demonstrate the efficiency and accuracy of its optical sorters. The results on our samples of sunflower seeds exceeded all our expectations, achieving a 99.8% accept quality,ʺ he says, adding that installing Bühler technology has enabled it to achieve the homogenous popcorn and sunflower seed colour that is crucial to improved quality. The product sorted by Bühler machines is not only now cleaner, but also has an improved yield and reduced waste. 

 Weidinger adds that it’s important that the business works in partnership with its equipment suppliers, to ensure it can reflect its company values and help it to deliver exceptional service to its own customers. Mogyi will only use equipment and suppliers, which are able to meet its high standards. Bühler is an industry leader, continuously investing in research and development, consistently introducing innovative technologies, machine upgrades and new applications. Its wide range of sorters are equipped with different technologies and processing capacities, at various price points to suit individual processor needs. 

 “As our business expands continuously, we require new solutions and flexible machine configurations to not only match our capacity, but also to adapt to different products and types of contamination – we found that Bühler technology was able to cope with these needs,’’ says Weidinger. Andras Abt, Area Sales Manager at Bühler, points out that Bühler was also able to offer Mogyi bespoke maintenance and technical support. ‘’Keeping machine down-time to a minimum is crucial for any processor, because prolonged downtime can adversely impact profits. Fortunately, Bühler’s machines are reliable. But if any technical issues were to crop up, local engineers would be available to provide immediate help."

 Visit the Bühler website here. 

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