June 29, 2017

30/06/2017: Expander technology “an absolute addition to a modern feed mill”

by Almex, Triott Group

The global growing demand for high quality feeds made of a wide range of available raw materials is to the advantage of the expander

Image credit: Triott Group
Several scientific studies and proven results at clients such as UFA, Deuka, Fanon, Agravis, Vitelia, Mironovsky and others show that expander technology is an absolute addition to a modern feed mill as a tool to fulfill the wide range of needs at clients to supply different feedstuffs for the different life stages of animals.

Besides traditional meal and pellets, farmers ask for crumbled feed, expanded pelleted feeds and mono-components that have been treated with expander technology for example for use in TMR feeding.

In the fields of nutritional value, digestibility and feed utilization interesting results have been achieved with expander technology in feed for high yielding dairy cattle, broiler and pigfeed. (Table 1) A recent trial at the well-known UFA-Bühl research farm showed interesting results in daily gain in advantage to expanded feed compared to traditional meal.

One such company who provide this kind of technology is “Almex”. Almex has been a leading supplier of expanding technology since the early 1970’s. Since 2014 they have been a part of the Triott group, and as such, can now supply complete pelleting lines including automation.

The designs of the distinguished Almex Expanders are considered reliable and notably robust. These are just a few of the many unique selling points of the product, such as the Active Disc System and the lower energy costs. The lower energy costs can be explained by the power input for the expander, depending on the type of feed.

In general this power input is between 8-15 kW per ton. For special applications such as by-pass protected protein energy input can even be up to 20-30 kW per ton. This is important at these applications, as is that the counter flow cooler is oversized to ensure the proper cooling of these types of products.

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