September 30, 2013

30/09/13: Silos on offer in yard sale; Alltech opens mycotoxin lab in Beijing; new XTRACT® junior product manager for Pancosma

Yard sales are an American tradition. You can buy pretty much anything there. Including silos.

A brewing company in Delaware, USA is selling two of its old silos, which were used to house spelt grains, in yard sale. 

The 925-cubic-feet silos have been sitting unused for almost six years in Fordham Brewing Co. in Dover.

Estimated at $4,000 each, the silos can be used for a whole host of purposes, not just storing grains. for example, the Silos Cordoba water tank that is now an aquaculture pond or the metal silo that is has been transformed into an energy-efficient home.

So if you want to grab a bargain silo for business or pleasure, the yard is the place to look.

Alltech has opened its first Asian 37+ mycotoxin analytical laboratory in Beijing, China.

Part of the Alltech Research Alliance programme, the lab uses a unique UPLC/MS/MS analytical technique that enables the company to investigate more than 30 different mycotoxins quantitatively and more than 50 others qualitatively in animal feed in less than 15 minutes per sample.

The 37+ programme has been well-received since its launch in March 2013, winning an award at the Space trade show in Rennes, France earlier this month.

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Panscosma, Switzerland has promoted Jennifer Maurin to junior product manager for the plant extract products.

The move is to strengthen the management team for the XTRACT® range of products and its development worldwid.

Prior to joining this position, Maurin was in charge for 4 years of corporate communications and was the events organiser for the Pancosma Group, as well as providing product management support for every range of product at the company.

Maurin obtained a MSc engineering degree in the agriculture and food industry in 2009 in Lyon- France. She specialized in quality management and traceability of the animal production systems.

Maurin will work in close collaboration with Dr Brenner and support him in promoting the XTRACT® range of products, especially in Spanish and French speaking areas worldwide.

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English: Grain silos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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