September 26, 2013

Event: Bridge2Food 8th Food Proteins Course: Learn about ten animal and vegetable proteins and meet protein industry specialist

Organised by Bridge2Food, the 8th Food Proteins Course, which takes place from November 26-28, 2013 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, offers a unique combination of lectures by industry experts on the properties, processing, functionalities and applications of ten different plant and animal-based proteins: soy, wheat, pea, potato, canola, egg albumin, casein, whey, gelatin and also (bio-active) protein hydrolysates. 

The course will also theoretical and practical sesssions.

Block 1: Theory session (November 26-27, 2013)
Properties & Functionalities overview
Participants will learn first about the origin of the various proteins, their functional and nutritional properties and the relative importance of the proteins in the various food applications. The functionalities of each individual protein will be highlighted, as well as the processing methods to extract proteins, the various types of proteins available, the legislative context, the major food applications and the reasons for usage.

Block 2: Practical hands-on session (November
28, 2013)
Application choices: workout

Participants will evaluate various protein gels and foods made with plant- and animal-based proteins in order to combine the theory with practice and obtain 'hands-on' experience. This session will be guided by the technical experts and speakers of large multinational companies, which enables delegates to get the best possible feedback on the know-how and know-why of the protein functionalities and applications. The session will also give a good perspective on how proteins compare to each other on taste, texture, colour and other functionalities. 
Full programme available here.  

Partnering and exhibiting
There are different ways to get involved in this unique three-day course. 

Contact Gerard Klein Essink to discuss the options 
+ 3130 225 2060 or visit the event website.

Register before October 4, 2013 and receive a guaranteed €350 discount!

A hen chicken (Gallus gallus)
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