September 24, 2013

Event: Roger Gilbert chairs technology session at 6th Protein Summit

Roger Gilbert, publisher of Grain and Feed Milling Technology is chairing the technology track of the 6th Protein Summit in Rotterdam, the Netherlands this afternoon.

Roger will be looking at drivers for change with new enabling technologies in the food and protein industries. On the first day, the programme will explore ‘Change happens by us’. As consumers can vote for change with our wallet for us, our children and parents and there will be different presentations in this field this afternoon:

What can we do with our food choices for perishable, chilled foods and how can venture capital help? Mr Koen van Engelen, who is partner at Anterra Capital, will talk about of the investments in companies who can make a difference in the supply chain with new technologies or products.
Mr Koen van Engelen

Another presentation is this domain is by Marcel Minor of Wageningen University. He will inspire us with what is going on in our society from a NGO, retail, government, research, manufacturers, city policies and waste companies and regulatory point of view in reducing food waste. Do we have a protein supply problem in the future or not?

Marcel Minor

New technologies are already available to reduce waste in the fish industry. Leading membrane technology company. Koch Membrane Systems has worked with research institutes and food manufacturers on capturing healthy ingredients from fish waste. Also here co-innovation and creation are key to success. We cannot make all these thing happen fast without using the experience of other parties in the value chain. Kamla Jevons, will present her case to us.

Kamla Jevons

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