August 07, 2014

07/08/2014: The hidden costs of soybean production

The authors believe that this is the first time that a combination of environmental footprints for one particular crop has been calculated in this way. They hope to work with policymakers "to find solutions to the issue of resource use and environmental impacts.

"We hope our study has highlighted to producers the vulnerability of soybean production to variability in precipitation and fertiliser consumption and how the economy is focused on soybean production at the expense of local resources," said
Michael Lathuillière from the University of British Columbia, Canada

"We also wanted to highlight to consumers the hidden costs of soybean production because more resources are going to be required of the region as China’s demand for soybean increases."

Michael Lathuillière and colleagues from the University of Vermont, US and Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso, Brazil, used five indicators to calculate the environmental footprint of soybean production in Mato Grosso between 2000 and 2010: deforestation, land footprint, carbon footprint, water footprint and nutrient footprints.

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