August 27, 2014

27/08/2014: Fighting antibiotic resistance on behalf of the consumer

Following the first public meeting for 3 years on antibiotic resistance in livestock, Maryn McKenna writes a gripping report on the struggle the US Food and Drug Administration has had in curbing the use of antibiotics in livestock.

Her report traces the background to the current round of discussions and put the Animal Health Institute firmly in the dock for not coming up with better arguements or even an acknowledgement that their might be a problem in the US livestock and retail meat chain that can be attributed to the widespread use of antibiotics and the associated risk of anbiotic resistance.

Maryn McKenna's piece suggests that public opinion might well win the day and bring about change faster than the USDA and industry has managed over such a long period of time. She also makes reference to the European experience that suggests industry does need tight regulation in order to force change.

Getting a Farm Off Antibiotics from maryn on Vimeo.

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