August 08, 2014

08/08/2014: Did you ever want to know what's in an Elvis Presley special sandwich?

"Then the stillness settles over me and I hear the rustling, no louder than a clean floor being swept, as buckwheat and rye buckwheat ripple in the lazy breeze." - Corey Mintz, Food Writer.

Don't do what these chefs are doing in this video (you have to get past a Canada promotional advertisement first, but it's worth it) - preparing an Elvis Presley special sandwich made up of bread, peanut butter, jam and bacon! It's just jaw dropping to realise that these two cooks-writers are preparing a sandwich to share and that they actually eat it at the end of the video! 

However, the report of Food Writer Corey Mintz's visit to the farm of Patricia Hastings, just outside Toronto, in Canada, profiles a very passionate and informed farmer who knows her stuff and explains why buckwheat and rye buckwheat make the perfect flour - which she produces on her farm - for bread-making.
Patricia Hastings, on her cereal farm just outside Toronto, Canada
Enjoy the video, and the report, but don't eat the sandwich - just the bit that Corey scoops out! That looks delicious.
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