August 08, 2014

08/08/2014: Rice Milling Expo - February 6-8, 2015, India

India is one of the world's largest producers of rice, accounting for 20 percent of all world rice production. At world level, India is second largest producer of rice. Rice is the staple food for 65 percent of India's population of 1.23 billion people. Rice is one of the chief grains of India and has the biggest area under cultivation.

Rice milling industry at National level prevails mainly in Northern India, Eastern and Southern India. The Basmati varieties are mainly produced in North India. As far as exports of this fine quality 'Basmati' rice from India, 75 percent is exported from the State of Haryana only.

The provinces of Haryana and Punjab which are rich in production, exports, quality and technology are considered the bench marking cluster in the country. This region has some fully automatic plants from world top manufactures and high quality sorting machines. For parboiled and raw rice. The district of Karnal is stated as top in the quality.

The New Grain Market, venue of the Rice Milling Expo 2015, is a newly constructed marketplace where the rice and flour millers procure paddy and wheat for their mills from the commission agents (locally called “adti”). Under Government supervision, the farmer sells paddy and wheat to these adti’s at government MSP rates.

Spread over a huge area, the New Grain Market is conveniently located on GT Road (NH1) with proximity to the country capital ‘New Delhi’ as well as major markets in North India. 

Rice Milling Expo is organised within the market compound at a central location.

Why Exhibit at Rice Milling Expo?
  • India's exclusive exhibition focusing rice milling industry
  • Only exhibition targeting the markets of India's premium 'Basmati' rice
  • High quality visitors
  • Industry supported
  • Co-organised by Haryana Rice Millers & Dealers Association
  • Centrally located on GT Road (NH1), connecting all major rice production and milling hubs of North India
  • Supported by The Federation of All India Rice Millers Association (FAIRMA) and All India Rice Exporter Association (AIREA)
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