August 18, 2014

18/08/2014: New 'tower' grain dryer series launched

Mathews Company (M-C), one of the largest grain dryer manufacturers, recently announced it is introducing a new 12-foot tower grain dryer series that meets the demand for faster and more efficient grain drying needs.

M-C has led the grain dryer industry in 10-foot tower dryer sales for nearly 25 years and will use that experience, plus the latest in technology, in the design of the new 12-foot series.

The new models will include three sizes with capacities ranging from 2,000 bushels per hour up to 2,800 bushels per hour, based on a 5-point moisture removal.

The new design is based on operational experiences that encompasses nearly 25 years in vacuum-cooled tower drying, and follows in the success realized by the popular “Next Generation” 10-foot tower redesign, according to M-C president Joseph Shulfer.
“As in the 10-foot tower redesign, the parameters of the dryer, including heat and cool holding bushels, airflow and burner characteristics, have been revamped to provide the most efficient drying process for current grain varieties being harvested,” Shulfer said.

“These tried and true changes have seen tremendous success from end-users over the past two years.”

Vacuum cooling is the key to the popularity and success of M-C tower dryers. This process reclaims heated air from cooling the grain results in less fuel usage and significant dollar savings. After blending the ambient air drawn from outside, the pre-heated air is returned to the blowers, lowering energy consumption and producing maximum efficiency.

According to a company news release overall improvements include a completely redesigned airflow and burner system that will yield more efficient operation.

In addition, a newly developed proprietary process burner, with a cast aluminum manifold and stainless steel mixing plates, has been implemented into the design.

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