August 28, 2014

28/08/2014: The facts, not the spin on mycotoxin at the Motor Cycle Museum

Biomin UK Ltd held a seminar on August 21 at the UK's Motor Cycle Museum in Birmingham, which was attended by leading technical personnel from all around the UK/Ireland agriculture and animal feed industries, including representatives from the veterinary profession, who were all keen to hear the latest "state of the art" information on mycotoxins.
The venue

The seminar aimed to address the effects of mycotoxins on both animal health and performance.

Professor Chris Elliott (Queens University, Belfast) the UK/Ireland independent expert on food related contaminants, kicked off by presenting Emerging Mycotoxins: Animal feed surveillance data & implications for animal health & performance, which included information on such as storage effects, ergot alkaloids and prevalence in colder/wetter conditions and the conclusion that mycotoxin regulations are currently minimal, but will almost certainly increase significantly in the next few years. Prof Elliott also reported on an interesting project moinitoring DDGS samples and mycotoxin levels.

Verena Starkl DI (Biomin) then made two presentations,  Mycotoxins Occurrence – how are we affected?

This included information on the Global Biomin Survey, methods of analysis, masked mycotoxins and overall effects of mycotoxins and Mycotoxins Risk Management.
The presenters

Verena specifically emphasised that DON cannot be removed by using simple binders, instead it has to undergo biotransformation into safe metabolites using such as Mycofix Plus and Mycofix Select. 

After lunch Luis Cardo DVM (Biomin) presented Mycotoxins in Ruminants - Effects & Management and Andrew Robertson presented Mycotoxins & their Effect in Pigs & Poultry, each presentation focusing on specific health and performance issues related to mycotoxins contamination, even when present at relatively low levels - well below the legal limits. 

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