April 10, 2015

10/04/2015: Delacon strengthen their global presence at IPPE 2015

First published in Milling and Grain, February 2015

The Austrian family business Delacon recognised the potential of phytogenic performance enhancers 25 years ago, even coining the term ‘phytogenic’.  Today the company is the global market leader in this ever-growing field, having recently expanded its sales structure in India and Latin America. At IPPE 2015, the company had their own booth for the first time showcasing the potential of its plant based feed additives composed of herbs, spices and essential oils. 


The vision of company founder Helmut Dedl to replace antibiotic growth promoters by phytogenic feed additives and thus to ensure sustainable, profitable production and food safety, still applies to the current CEO Markus Dedl as a guideline of corporate strategy. As pioneers, Delacon remain the first and only company to receive a zootechnical registration by the European Union for their product FRESTRA®F for swine, a 100 percent based plant feed additive.

At IPPE Delacon launched Biostrong® Forte onto the U.S market, a sound replacement of antibiotic growth promoters which combines beneficial Biostrong® 510 effects with short and medium chain fatty acids. Biostrong® Forte helps to fight the common intestinal challenges found in antibiotic-free production.

Upon its launch in 2000, Biostrong® 510 was the first phytogenic product range for poultry. The innovative formulation is based on in-depth knowledge, broad experience and extensive research. With the key advantages of Biostrong® 510, namely increased nutrient digestibility, improved feed efficiency and reduced noxious gas emission, Biostrong® Forte adds a complex of esterified fatty acids to control and reduce common critical intestinal health challenge periods in the bird’s life.

This new product comes at a time when experts estimate that the market for natural feed additives will triple by 2020. Increased pressure in terms of food safety, raising concerns about animal health and environmental protection, increasing feed costs, increasing antibiotic resistance, strong global tendencies to reduce antibiotic growth promoters – these factors show that phytogenics are seen among the top solution platforms in animal nutrition for the near future.

Delacon’s holistic approach is paying off. Their presence at IPPE further adds to the expansion of its global leadership.

“Our mission is to improve the efficiency in animal nutrition, animal health and food safety by new combinations of natural substances while minimising the environmental impact. And this is the way we will continue,” says Markus Dedl, further adding, “It is our aim to make optimum use of the power of nature. In other words, we are performing nature and this will be our slogan for the future.”

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