April 08, 2015

08/04/2015: US Grain dealer oversight moves into Arkansas legislative spotlight

As planters move across Mid-South fields, a host of legislative issues- both state and federal - are being tackled by lawmakers. Since those issues will impact agriculture, those at the helm of the Agriculture Council of Arkansas are paying close attention, The Delta Farm Press reports.

In late March, Andrew Grobmyer, executive vice president of the council, spoke with Delta Farm Press about how the new laws and regulations are being received. He also spoke on the fallout and legislative action in the wake of the demise of Turner Grain.

Last summer, Brinkley, Ark.-based Turner Grain set alarm bells ringing after bouncing checks and failing to pay farmers for grain. The failure of Turner Grain, now in bankruptcy proceedings and on the hook for tens of millions of dollars, was the impetus behind a law just passed by the Arkansas legislature.

“SB555, the Arkansas Grain Dealers Act of 2015, became law when Governor Hutchinson signed it,” says Mr Grobmyer.

“The Ag Council, Farm Bureau and others supported that bill. It was crafted by the chairman and vice-chairman of the Senate and House agriculture committees in the legislature.

“It was designed as a response to what has happened with the failure of Turner Grain. It’s a first step in addressing the situation – at least the things we currently know about what happened. There remain a lot of unknowns, of course, but given what is known this was what was struck upon by lawmakers and agriculture industry leaders.

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