April 28, 2015

28/04/2015: Flexible solution in Czech Republic

Cimbria’s representative in the Czech Republic, NAVZAS s.r.o., headed by Mr Vladimir Naplava, installed a complete seed processing plant for 8 tonnes/hour (t/h) grain for ELITA semenářská, ČSO Ořechov, with start-up due in time for this year’s grain harvest.

The main focus during the planning and erection phase was on high functional flexibility of the line for various seeds. Another issue was of course quick and easy cleaning of the plant, simple and automated handling, as well as clean and safe working conditions for the customer’s operators.

An intake pit with a suitable holding capacity of 40 t enables a complete truck to be unloaded within a matter of minutes, thus allowing the truck to leave immediately after rapid emptying without any waiting time.

Image: DJ Spiess
Subsequently, the grain can either be fed directly to the processing line, or stored in intermediate day-bins (total capacity 50 t) for further buffer capacity, for instance to allow the plant to be supplied with grain from these bins during a night shift. The fine cleaning section consists of a de-awner, a Delta fine cleaner, an indent cylinder and a gravity separator. The conveying equipment consists of Cimbria belt conveyors and bucket elevators.
Waste products from the processing plant are put in seed containers, thus always keeping them separated into reusable and unusable waste.

Seed processing is completed by a Centricoater batch treater, which can either be fed from the storage bins after fine cleaning, or from seed containers by means of a box tilter. Finally, treated seed is then filled into containers again.

Exhaust air from the aspiration system is filtered and returned to the building with a residual dust content of max. 1 mg/m3. The plant thus offers optimum working conditions inside the building at any time. 

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