April 14, 2015

14/04/2015: Future Alltech leaders start in Career Development Programme; Four new programmes now open to applicants

Alltech’s 2015 Career Development Programme (CDP) members are a prestigious group of 11 recent graduates from around the world who started intensive training at Alltech’s global headquarters in Kentucky in February. Programme members are now spending their first few months devoted to the Alltech REBELation, the company’s flagship international conference May 17-20 in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

And now, many other recent graduates can also have similar opportunities thanks to four other Alltech career development programmes that are now open for online applications. These specialised Alltech career development programmes include three new programmes: a US Feedlot Beef programme, an EU Beef Sales programme, and a Quality programme. The fourth, the Alltech Dairy programme, is back for a second year.

The programmes are designed to recruit the future leaders of global agribusiness and started with just one general programme in 2012, called the Alltech Career Development Programme. The new programmes that have been added in the past two years have a narrower and more technical focus.

The 2015 Alltech Career Development Programme (CDP) consists of 11 members from across the globe, including one Kentuckian. The CDP members are joined by Alltech’s Dr. Aoife Lyons, Suniti Mujumdar, Jan Edward Lim and Richard Feuerstein. And now, many other recent graduates can have similar opportunities thanks to four other Alltech career development programmes that are open for online applications alltech.com/graduate. These specialised Alltech career development programmes include a U.S. Feedlot Beef programme, an EU Beef Sales programme, a Quality programme, and the Alltech Dairy programme.

“Alltech is all about staying agile, and bringing in fresh talent is key to that goal,” said Dr Aoife Lyons, director of educational initiatives at Alltech. “Alltech never stops evolving, and part of that evolution is bringing in bright young minds to help build the future of our company and the agribusiness industry as a whole. We are delighted with the talented groups we have brought in so far, and feel confident in what they will be able to accomplish.”

The programmes are open for applications until May 31, and include:

The US Feedlot Beef Career Development Programme - Alltech is investing heavily in feedlot technologies and natural nutritional solutions to improve the health, well-being and productive efficiency of beef cattle. Successful candidates will be involved in the implementation of these programmes as well as providing nutritional and technical support to both producers and the Alltech beef sales team across the USA.

The Alltech EU Beef Sales Career Development Programme
- Alltech will invest US$1 million over the next year with the objective of providing an innovative format for new nutritional technologies for beef cattle. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to improve animal health and welfare, while increasing beef farm profitability in target EU countries.

The Alltech Quality Career Development Programme is an opportunity for motivated young scientists to gain real experience in meeting the demands placed on Alltech’s quality department by both regulatory bodies and the customer. The programme will expose candidates to all aspects of product manufacturing. Candidates will discover what makes the Alltech Quality System (AQS) one of the most comprehensive quality systems in the industry.

The Alltech Dairy Career Development Programme - Successful candidates will learn from innovative dairy production systems throughout the world, work on breakthrough nutritional technologies and strategies for dairy, and receive world-class training. Participants will be located on some of the most progressive dairies around the world to understand firsthand the operation of a dairy business and will implement nutritional technologies to demonstrate an improvement in animal health, performance and profitability.

Recent graduates are invited to find out more and apply on the Alltech Career Development Programme page. The application period is open until May 31, 2015.

Current CDP members are excited about their work on the Alltech REBELation, and future assignments at Alltech’s international offices. 

“As the only local Kentucky guy in the CDP group, it has been a blast working with my teammates from all around the world,” said Cody Hutchins, an international business major from Mt Washington, Kentucky, who recently started working in the general Alltech Career Development Programme.  

“The leaders of the company have consistently been working closely with us, and we’ve received a tonne of training in order to bring us up to speed. My favourite part of the company is the amount of creative freedom we have been given to propose any idea that we would like to attempt. Alltech does a great job of empowering individuals to act quickly on opportunities, and the result is a fast-paced, fun and exciting environment.”

The 2015 Career Development Members that began training at Alltech headquarters include:

  • Pauline Depierre, France, Master of Arts, Political Systems in Emerging Countries
  • Meghan Niehaus, United States, Master of Arts, Social Sciences
  • Lilia Billones, Philippines, Bachelor of Science, Economics and Marketing Management
  • Guilherme El Sayed, Brazil, Bachelor of Engineering, Agricultural Engineering
  • Erika Gómez Alfaro, Mexico, Bachelor of Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering
  • Derek Patterson, United States, Bachelor of Science, Agriculture Leadership and Development
  • Chanatip Padungdetpasuton, Thailand, Master of Arts, International Relations
  • Araceli Olivares Solas, Chile, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Carlos De La Torre Ugarte Zar, Peru, Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
  • Cody Hutchins, United States, Bachelor of Science, International Business
  • Aoife Murphy, Ireland, Master of Science, Digital Marketing
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