April 15, 2015

15/04/2015: A word from our publisher

First published in Milling and Grain, March 2015

It’s my privilege to step in as ‘Guest Editor’ for this the March 2015 edition of Milling and Grain. 
There are a number of reasons why I feel it appropriate: This is the third edition under our new name; the third monthly magazine in a row we have produced and the first edition to go over 100 pages in a very long time! These are quite some milestones.

But it’s not just about the numbers. It’s also about information contained. 

Coming to terms with the demands of a monthly publication means we can publish more timely (our editorial deadlines are the end of each month for publication the following month) and we can report on-going developments as they progress. 

We have also been able to expand our content with the additional pages to cover grain storage and handling in a much more meaningful way and this – as some will be aware - is our S&H edition.

Milling is not just about the roller mills or the grinder and pellet press. Milling is about all the components that go into the end products that have been milled. For example, we should not overlook new digital technologies the impact all aspects of the equipment used in milling, nor the formulations systems that in turn rely on quality ingredients and additives and finally the macro ingredients – the wheat, rice, barley, maize, oilseeds, fishmeal and by products - that we transport, store and process.

To this end, we at Milling and Grain report on the whole of the milling process and then some. For example, in this edition we make reference to ‘International Women’s Day’ and the impact women make in agriculture, especially in regions such as Africa, which takes place as we go to print.

We now bring you the very latest industry news. The most recent being the opening of he 11th TUSAF (Turkish Flour Industry Federation) Congress in Antalya, one of the world’s most important flour milling industries – both in terms of equipment manufacturers and the output of milled flour – is taking place.

TUSAF Chairman Erhan Ozmen opened the Congress this morning with a focus on ‘Wheat and Health’ and addressing the issues regarding the movement towards “not to eat white foods including breads.”

Mr Ozmen, along with Milling and Grain, says the milling industry needs to recognise International Women’s Day on March 8, by retelling the story of 1857, where 129 New York women campaigned for their rights and lost their lives in demonstrations. He says that current thought of: a) a man is successful until he fails while b) a woman is a failure until she succeeds is changing, but must change faster; it is the women who care for and nurture our young, “… just like Mother Earth who supplies us with wheat which we have been consuming for thousands of years.” 

His words are reflected particularly in one of our two key features this month, one ending hunger in Africa and the other on a call to action so that our industry can gather data and challenge the trend towards gluten-free milled products. 

Furthermore, our February edition of Milling and Grain was completely translated into Turkish and distributed at the TUSAF event! 

Roger Gilbert, Publisher, Milling and Grain

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