April 27, 2015

27/04/2015: New GOST-Standard for Brabender® Amylograph

On 1 July 2015, the GOST ISO 7973-2013 will come into force in Russia. Thus, a standard already known at an international level for more than 50 years is now going to be adopted into national law by the Russian standardisation authorities.
The GOST standards 51404-99 (Brabender® Farinograph®) and 51409-99 (Brabender® Extensograph®) already have existed for decades. Now also the GOST ISO 7973-2013 fulfils the industry’s need for reproducible and practice-oriented laboratory methods for flour quality analysis. The authorisation of the Amylograph® standard paves the way for an efficient application of the Brabender® 3-Phase System (consisting of Farinograph®, Extensograph® and Amylograph®) in Russia.

With the GOST ISO 7973-2013 standard, the description of a method for measuring the enzyme activity and the gelatinisation properties of starch is now available. Both criteria have a direct influence on the quality of the manufactured bakery products, e. g. freshness and crumb structure.

With the help of the  Brabender® Amylograph® and the new GOST standard, the quality of rye and wheat flours is measurable. The early identification of the quality of the utilised flours lead to high-quality bakery products and therefore to satisfied customers.

"Flour does not have good or bad technological properties, but there is a right or wrong application for it”, explains Markus Löns, Senior Sales Director at Brabender®’s food division. The GOST ISO 7973-2013 and the Brabender® Amylograph® supports the milling and baking industry with finding the optimum application for flour.

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