April 30, 2015

30/04/2015: Mill Training

The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology

First published in Milling and Grain, March 2015 

The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology is a specialist consultancy, research and training provider based in Kent, which has been working with industry since 1973. The team of consultants at The Wolfson Centre have substantial experience with all kinds of bulk materials handling problems.  

A result of the high demand for their services has been the development of a range of one and two day training courses for Industry designed to help end users and equipment manufacturers understand how and why materials processing problems occur and to ensure awareness of compliance requirements for DSEAR/ATEX.

System Design

Whilst off-the-shelf equipment works for the majority of powders and particulates, there are often problems with the bulk materials that exhibit poor flow behaviour or have special storage requirements – and it is the characteristics of these bulk materials that should be understood in order to specify or design appropriate bespoke equipment to operate reliably. 


In many instances the supplier blames the materials for the cause of the problems and the client blames the equipment. If both sides took time to assess the interaction between the bulk material and the equipment being used, these problems would be far less frequent.  In many situations budget constraints are the main factor in selecting equipment, but savings in procurement are frequently dwarfed by costs incurred through subsequent production problems.  

It is important that both the equipment manufacturers and the end users are aware of the importance of understanding the behaviour of the materials being handled, and that they understand the potential (sometimes) catastrophic results that can occur when no pre-design characterisation is undertaken. 

For this reason, having spoken to the end users and system designers, and delegates attending the basic courses, two new ‘advanced’ short courses have been organised, to delve deeper into the design issues of general hoppers and silos, as well as complete pneumatic conveying systems. For both courses, delegates will need to have existing sound knowledge of system operation and for that reason we are offering discounted course fees to anyone attending the advanced courses who have previously attended the basic courses at the Centre.

As a design engineer of bulk materials equipment or plant manager, you should not miss the opportunity to come on these courses.

12- 13 May: Advanced Course; Design of Equipment for Storing and Discharging Bulk Materials - A course developed with specification writers and equipment designers/suppliers in mind
9 – 10 June: Advanced Course: Pneumatic Conveying System Design - Here you will be taken through an in-depth exploration of detailed calculations and design for pneumatic pipelines

DSEAR/ATEX Compliance
Not only should system designers take into account the compatibility issues of material and equipment, but they should also be aware of the requirements of DSEAR/ATEX.
Explosions and fires from combustible materials are a known hazard and can give rise to serious injury as well having as the potential to cause extensive plant and buildings damage.  

Legislation introduced in 2002 - the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) - rationalised workplace assessment for fire and explosion hazard identification, and methods of prevention or mitigation. DSEAR requires all workplaces where substances that could give rise to fire or explosion are handled or stored must be fully assessed and protected. 

The Wolfson Centre has been providing training in DSEAR/ATEX compliance for Industry both at its training centre in Kent and on site at plants around Europe.

Full details of all the courses available at the Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology can be found at www.bulksolids.com or contact the consultants for more details.  Email: wolfson-enquiries@gre.ac.uk  Tel: +44 20 8331 8646

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