May 12, 2015

12/05/2015: Unique chance to meet and hear Rob Shorland-Ball, roller milling historian and author

Terrible consequences might result if you don't buy a ticket to the Global Milling with GRAPAS Conference in Köln. 

Huge electrical storms might cause massive power cuts.
Image: Axel Rouvin
A volcano might open up in the middle of your back garden. Right under where you usually string up your hammock. Volcanoes are annoying like that.
Image: Walter Lim
Hamsters everywhere might escape from their cages and roam the streets in marauding bands in search of human flesh, riding skateboards and wearing little leather jackets looted from Toys 'R' Us.
Image: Hannah Gilbert
I did say, "might"

But you should still get a ticket anyway, because the Global Milling with GRAPAS Conference is gonna be really good. 

All the more so because this will be a rare chance to meet and hear roller milling historian and author Rob Shorland-Ball

Rob is a former stone miller, teacher and museum manager and he is now a roller milling historian and author. For the past 4 years he has been researching and recording the roller flour milling revolution in the UK and a little in Budapest and Minneapolis. 

He writes for Milling & Grain and is planning a major book on his work and discoveries. Data from his researches will be available from The Mills Archive in Reading, UK.

Rob's presentation will be titled, 'From stones to rollers - The Roller Flour Milling Revolution in the UK and Europe.'

Maybe there won't be any volcanoes or storms. Maybe there won't be any rampaging killer rodents. Maybe you'll be fine. But can you afford to take that risk?

Buy a ticket now.

Just to be sure.

See the agenda and register HERE.

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