May 28, 2015

28/05/2015: Don't miss sarah Zimmerman speak on how food fortification works, at the Global Milling with GRAPAS conference

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Some people say poodles are bad-tempered. But they never stop to think about why

If you take a highly intelligent animal, shave some of its hair off in all the wrong places and stick pink bows through the rest, what do you expect? You’d be pretty grumpy too.  

While you’re digesting this pearl of wisdom (no need to thank us), we’d like to remind you that time is running out to get your ticket to the Global Milling with GRAPAS Conference at Victam International on Thursday June 11 in Köln, Germany.   
You don’t want to miss Sarah Zimmerman, Communications Coordinator of the Global Secretariat of the Food Fortification Initiative, giving a talk on how ‘Fortification Works: New Evidence of Health Impact.’ 

Here’s the low-down: 
“Vitamins and minerals have been added to wheat flour for decades to improve public health. This session will share new evidence that fortification is preventing anemia caused by nutritional deficiencies and neural tube birth defects caused by insufficient folic acid. Evidence will represent multiple countries, including Costa Rica, Fiji, and the United States. 

“The impact of adding calcium to wheat flour in the United Kingdom will be included. This session will outline the keys to successful fortification programs. When these are in place, the millers’ efforts lead to the desired health impact. Building on the success of wheat flour fortification, global efforts are underway to expand grain fortification to include maize flour and whole kernel rice. This session will include updates on those efforts.”

And if this isn’t enough, we can even give you a 99 percent guarantee that there will be no grumpy poodles. 

See the agenda and book your tickets HERE 


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