May 18, 2015

18/05/2015: Hurry! Get your ticket to hear Rutger Koekoek at the Global Milling with GRAPAS Conference
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Flossie is annoyed.

Her local barber is rather unadventurous to say the least.

Despite her constant pleas for something a little more fashionable, he always gives her the same old 'short back and sides'.

Never mind, Flossie. If you hurry up and get online now, you may still be able to book a seat at the Global Milling with GRAPAS Conference at Victam International on Thursday June 11 in Köln, Germany. It's gonna be great.

Particularly as you'll get to hear Rutger Koekoek, Marketing Specialist from US Wheat Associates, give 'An overview of innovation and biotech wheat.'

Mr Koekoek will provide a broad overview of wheat research innovation, including biotech traits for wheat, and will explain why US wheat producers are supportive of new research technologies. 

He will also illustrate how US Wheat Associates collaborates with other US-based and third-country organisations on innovation and biotechnology. 

Additionally, he will give an overview of the positions that the US wheat industry has adopted for the responsible commercialisation of biotech wheat.

So don't sit there ruminating. Book your ticket now, before they sell out.

Otherwise, you may feel rather sheepish.

See the agenda and register HERE.

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