May 19, 2015

19/05/2015: Meet Dr Claudio Cornaggia of Megazyme International at Victam
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Will is looking pretty pleased with himself.

That's because he remembered to book his ticket to the Global Milling with GRAPAS Conference at Victam International on Thursday June 11 in Köln, Germany. So, yeah, he's happy. 

All the more so because Dr Claudio Cornaggia, Senior R&D Organic Chemist from Megazyme International will be there.
Dr Cornaggia will be speaking on 'Novel colourimetric assays for the analysis of alpha-amylase activity in ground wheat samples.'

Which is a quick way of saying this:

"The quality of wheat flour for baking is critically dependent on the level of α-amylase which can be present as 'late maturity α-amylase' or due to pre-harvest sprouting caused by high rainfall and humidity at the time of harvesting.

"The most common method to measure α-amylase in wheat grains is the Hagberg Falling Number method; this analysis, however, provides for an indirect measurement of α-amylase and the values obtained are influenced by the rheological properties of starch in grains.

"Megazyme has prepared a novel colorimetric reagent (Amylase SD) that can be used for the specific assay of α-amylase activity in ground wheat samples either from sound or sprout-damaged wheat grains.

"The Amylase SD assay was able to provide a measurement of α-amylase activity in grain extracts from 90 ground wheat specimens. The α-amylase activity was directly related to the release of the chromophore p-nitrophenolate detectable spectrophotometrically at 405nm. The Amylase SD method generated < 6%CV and correlation to the Falling Number method was represented by an inflection point at ~160 s.

"The convenient assay format and its sensitivity makes Amylase SD an ideal alternative to the Falling Number method for the measurement of α-amylase (thus the assessment of sprout damage) in wheat grains obtained from breeding programmes or at grain collection points."

So don't just sit there on your lily-pad. Hop on a PC and book your ticket HERE.

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