May 15, 2015

15/05/2015: You'll be in the doghouse if you forget to book all your tickets to see inventor and processing specialist Dr Simon Penson at the Global Milling with GRAPAS Conference
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This is Eric.

Eric is hiding (But I imagine you'd worked that out on your own).

Why? I hear you ask.

Well, Eric forgot to book tickets for himself and his lady wife to the Global Milling with GRAPAS Conference at Victam International in Köln, Germany.

Needless to say, she is rather annoyed.

This is because she had been looking forward to hearing Dr Simon Penson, inventor and  Head of Primary Production and Processing, Campden BRI, United Kingdom, give his talk on 'Technologies to manage the safety and quality of flour.'

Here's a little more detail to fill you in:

"While there have been a number of chemical treatments used over the years, there are few processes applied to flour post-milling to manage safety.

"Of these, the most established is heat-treatment. Heat-treatment of flour has been practised in various forms since the 1960s and has seen two distinct phases of development.

"It continues to be an important technology and is used to both improve the microbial safety of flours and also to deliver consistent functionality for a range of applications.

"Despite little recent commercial development in the area, researchers continue to evaluate new technologies for their ability to achieve efficient viable microbial count reduction, either with or without concomitant modification of functionality.

"For example, Campden BRI has been evaluating the ability of cold plasma technology to modify the functionality of flours as well as effect a reduction in viable microbial count.

"This presentation will review the history of flour treatment technologies, with the main emphasis being on physical processes. It will also review current research in the area and suggest new approaches to managing consistency of flour quality."
So, if you don't want to be in the doghouse like Eric, we recommend you make sure you've booked all your tickets.
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