May 18, 2015

18/05/2015: Binmaster: Liquid & Solids Level & Flow Sensors
STOP Plugged Chutes
The new BinMaster plugged chute detector is a pressure switch that alerts when a chute becomes clogged. With a heavy spring and rugged diaphragm material it's ideal for chutes transporting flowing grain, seed, feed or other granular or pelleted materials. It has UL Class II, Groups E, F & G explosion-proof certification for hazardous environments. More HERE.
Liquid Level Sensors
Check out these new made in USA, liquid level sensors for tank monitoring. BinMaster now offers a selection of sensor technologies for non-pressurized tanks containing water, wastewater, fuels, chemicals or just about any liquid.
  1. Pressure transducers: submersible and externally mounted models 
  2. Magnetostrictive: for turbid liquids in tanks up to 25' in hazardous locations
  3. Capacitance switches: point level switches for any size or shape tank
  4. Ultrasonic sensors: non-contact, continuous level for large and small tanks
  5. Guided Wave Radar: Uses time domain reflectometry (TDR) for level measurement
Tank Monitoring Anytime, Anywhere 
Ask about BinMaster's new cloud-based tank monitoring system. Simply log in to and get your tank levels for one or 100 locations.

Real-time reporting lets you manage inventory and replenish when tanks are out of material or empty them when they are full. Ultrasonic sensors provide continuous, accurate liquid level data without the threat of product contamination.
A MAXimized Rotary is a Better Indicator
Fail-safe protection has been built into every MAXIMA+ rotary since 2008. It alerts to a loss of power, or failure of the motor or electronics. A red LED indicator light gives at-a glance status. It's got approvals for CSA-US Class II, Groups E, F & G for use in hazardous locations. Plus, BinMaster has more custom options than any other rotary company.

-  19 different paddles, including collapsible
Shaft extensions and guards up to 7'
Adjustable mounts for changing heights
SS process connections for corrosive materials
Flexible cable extensions for rough applications
Got Flow? Prevent Cross Contamination
The new, single-piece FD-2000 is an affordable, reliable and easy-to-use flow or no flow indicator. It works in powders and solids at transition points in gravity chutes, pipelines, ducts, feeders, bucket elevators, gravity spouts, gravity feeds, and mechanical and pneumatic conveyors. It's a great sensor to prevent cross contamination when used in distributors to ensure flow has stopped before changing bins.
Mercury-Free Tilt Switch
Check out this new, patent-pending BM-TSM tilt switch that's mercury free. It mounts on the top of a bin, tank or silo and alarms when the mechanism is tilted 15 degrees.

It comes in custom lengths from 1 foot to 8 feet and is available with either a paddle or sphere. It works in materials with a bulk density of at least 15 lb./cu. ft. and installs easily through a 1-1/4' process connection.

Know What's in Your Bins - Binventory™

Let one of our experienced people help you automate your binventory - the inventory in your bins. We've got SmartBobs, guided wave radar, non-contact ultrasonic and the 3DLevelScanner to continuously and accurately help you get a handle on what's in your bins without climbing. Plus, we've got lots of ways to serve your data - to a PLC, a console, computer or even the Cloud. Call us at 402-434-9102 or contact sales for a hassle-free consultation.
See in 3D! Accurate Volume in Tough Materials
The 3DLevelScanner measures and maps uneven topography in bins and converts the data to a very accurate volume estimation. It works unlike any other sensor, penetrating dust with low frequency acoustics to ensure reliable readings in the toughest environments. among other examples, it's proven to work with wheat. Read more HERE.

Visit the Binmaster website HERE.

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