August 05, 2015

05/08/2015: Public consultation FEFAC draft sourcing guidlines ends

FEFAC has finalised the evaluation process of the comments stakeholders (6 NGOs, 3 retailers, 1 responsible soy scheme owner, 1 industry association) have made on the draft FEFAC sourcing guidelines, which were made public on 25 March 2015. FEFAC has incorporated several points of attention raised by stakeholders into the Sourcing Guidelines, which will be published in the first week of August 2015.

FEFAC President Ruud Tijssens: “We are pleased with the constructive recommendations made by the stakeholders during the public consultation period of our draft Sourcing Guidelines. Though there are still some issues to be resolved, the comments have certainly contributed to an improvement of the draft version”. On the base of the comments made, FEFAC has for example decided to add 5 essential and 3 desired criteria. 

As an overarching response to the feedback given by stakeholders, FEFAC has published a generic statement on its website which also aims to take away some persistent confusion around the status of the Sourcing Guidelines. FEFAC makes it very clear that the Sourcing Guidelines are a professional recommendation to purchasers of responsible soy and not a new standard. By publishing the feed industry’s baseline criteria for responsible soy which existing schemes and standards will be able to use as a benchmark, FEFAC aims to facilitate a mainstream market supply.

Also on the important matter of deforestation FEFAC clarifies that the Guidelines intend to achieve the same goals as the stakeholders have raised as concerns: increased forest protection and reduction of the impact of the agri-food production on high conservation areas. All questions and comments received on the draft Sourcing Guidelines, plus FEFAC’s individual reactions, will be made public along with the first version of the Sourcing Guidelines in the first week of August 2015.

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