August 24, 2015

24/08/2015: Practical Course: 'Basic processes in compound feed production.' Registration deadline this Friday

The feed sector plays a key role within the animal sectors, for both animal husbandry and pets. Healthy, safe and high quality feed is essential for healthy animals and the production of tasty and safe animal products such as milk, eggs and meat. The quality of feed is partly safeguarded by good knowledge concerning the whole production process: what is the effect of resource treatments on the quality of feed?

Process technology is the central topic during this 2-day training course, brought to you by the Feed Design Lab with IFF.
The course is for nutritionists, advisors, account managers, policymakers and other interested personnel working in the feed industry.  
Participants will gain insight into the production process of feed manufacturers. Furthermore, attention will be paid to the use of various resources, quality control, trends and new developments in the feed sector.

Image: United Soybean Board
Teaching methods will include class education, discussion/interaction and practical work.
The practical courses take place in small groups.


  • General knowledge of the sector; trends and developments
  • Resource chain; resources, nutritional properties & recipes
  • Process technology; background and practice: mixing/milling/conditioning/pressing/expanding/extruding/cooling/drying/vacuum coating
  • Quality control/HACCP/contamination/tracing
  • New developments, new resources like algae and insects
Learning goals:  
The participant gains knowledge and insight into the production process of feed, the effects of the production process on feed quality and the safety and the importance of this link in the chain monitoring of feed production:
  • Overview/insight in the latest developments in the sector
  • Possessing knowledge and insight regarding compound feed
  • Knowledge on the aspects of quality and safety of feed
  • Critical thinking by being able to reflect on the importance and future perspectives of feed production and animal products
Start: Tuesday, 8 September 2015, 9:00
Close: Wednesday, 9 September 2015, approx. 16:00

Venue and contact details:
Feed Design Lab
Stayerhofweg 25f
5861 EJ Wanssum
The Netherlands

+31 (0) 6 538 266 11

Admission fees:
IFF/FDL members: € 600.00 pp
Non-members: € 800.00 pp.
Costs for lunch and coffee breaks are included, VAT is excluded.
Please register by this Friday, 28 August 2015


The organisers have booked a limited contingent of rooms at:

Hotel Asteria
Maasheseweg 80a
The Netherlands

+31 (0) 478511466

The price is € 125.00 per night/room. Breakfast and
dinner are included.

Visit the Feed Design Lab site HERE

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