August 07, 2015

07/08/2015: CBH Group and Blue Lake Milling merger to cause oat exports to soar

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Blue Lake Milling is Australia's largest manufacturer of oat-based products and now they plan to increase their exports to South East Asia after a profitable merger with CBH. 

The merger was completed in July and will allow Blue Lake to use the market access and financial banking of CBH as a way of inceasing production at their two processing facilities in South Australia and western Victoria.

Ben Abbot, CEO of Blue Lake Milling (BLM), stated that the merger came about as a consequence of exponential demand for oats in Asia and a desire for CBH to gain more access across the value chain.

The CBH Group is the largest grain co-operative in Australia, running grain handling, transport and marketing operations across the country.

The merger adds the milling and manufacturing expertise of BLM with access to CBH's major stores of grain in Western Australia.

Mr Abbott said having access to a secure supply of milling oats from the west will be extremely beneficial to BLM's export markets. 

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"Having that assured supply if things go wrong in the eastern states gives us the confidence that we can go out and hit some of these markets in Asia, knowing that we will have the ability to supply."

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